State Senator Jake Hoffman Announces Candidacy for RNC Committeeman for Arizona

Phoenix, AZ – Jake Hoffman, a distinguished leader in Arizona politics and current member of the Arizona Senate, has declared his candidacy for RNC Committeeman for Arizona. Hoffman brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this pivotal role, coupled with an extensive background in public service, and a proven track record of effective leadership and advocacy.

“Our nation is hurting — the everyday men and women feel abandoned, taken advantage of, and stabbed in the back,” said Hoffman. “They feel let down and discarded by the political class in both parties. Far too few in the 168 demonstrated the courage of leaders like Harmeet Dhillon and Tyler Bowyer to speak up and step out in order to hold the Republican Party accountable. It’s time for the next wave of grassroots leaders to take the reins and forge a RNC that respects the grassroots, refuses to lose, and stands for truth and righteousness in this present battle between good and evil.”

As the Founding Chairman of the Arizona Freedom Caucus, Hoffman has consistently demonstrated his commitment to advancing conservative principles and fostering meaningful change within his community and state. As Chairman of the Senate Committees on Government and Executive Nominations, as well as, the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, he has played a pivotal role in shaping legislative initiatives and policies that positively impact the lives of Arizonans.

Prior to his tenure in the Arizona Senate, Hoffman’s dedication to public service was evident in his various elected positions, including as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, Queen Creek Town Council, Higley School Board, and as chairman one of the largest local Republican parties in Arizona. He has also been honored to represent Arizona as a delegate to the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Conventions, where his contributions were instrumental in shaping the party's platform and direction. Notably, Hoffman served as a member of the Credentials Committee for the RNC in 2020, further solidifying his bonafides as a trusted leader within the Republican Party.

In addition to his political endeavors, Hoffman has excelled in the private sector as the President and CEO of multiple public policy, technology, marketing, and communications strategy-focused small businesses. His nationally recognized work has earned him the opportunity to advise elected officials at all levels of government, corporate leaders, non-profits, and policy-oriented organizations, demonstrating his reputation as a trusted voice in both the public and private spheres.

As Arizona prepares for the upcoming election cycle, Jake Hoffman's candidacy for RNC Committeeman offers Arizona Republicans a proven leader dedicated to advancing the grassroots conservative agenda within the Party and championing the interests of Arizona Republicans. With his unparalleled experience and unwavering commitment to conservative ideals, Hoffman is poised to make a significant impact as RNC Committeeman for Arizona.


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