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It's time for a RNC that actually stands for the principles that made America exceptional. It's time to win again.

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Jake is one of the hardest working conservative activists in America. He’s fearless in the face of opposition, whether it’s from the radical Left or the establishment Right. Arizona Republicans will be lucky to have him as their National Committeeman.
– Harmeet K. Dhillon
The RNC could use a little Freedom Caucus amongst its ranks. As the Founding Chairman of the Arizona Freedom Caucus, Jake will be an America First advocate to help our Party win again. He has my full support.  
Congressman Eli Crane
Far too few in the RNC’s 168 demonstrated the courage of leaders like Harmeet Dhillon and Tyler Bowyer to speak up and take action to hold the Republican Party accountable.


Jake Hoffman, a distinguished leader in Arizona politics and current member of the Arizona Senate, has declared his candidacy for RNC Committeeman for Arizona. Hoffman brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this pivotal role, coupled with an extensive background in public service, and a proven track record of effective leadership and advocacy.

It’s time for the next wave of grassroots leaders to take the reins and forge a RNC that respects the grassroots, refuses to lose, and stands for truth and righteousness in this present battle between good and evil.

State Senator Jake Hoffman Announces Candidacy for RNC Committeeman for Arizona

As Arizona prepares for the 2024 election cycle, Jake Hoffman's candidacy for RNC Committeeman offers Arizona Republicans a proven leader dedicated to advancing the grassroots conservative agenda within the Party and championing the interests of Arizona Republicans.